PSA 2022: Facebook Login Compromised

There are issues with using Social Media and trusting our content to these massive corporations. I'm not an alarmist that is going to say you should delete all your accounts, but there is always a chance when using Social Media that you will one day get locked out. This is one of those times. Facebook … Continue reading PSA 2022: Facebook Login Compromised

Microsoft Surface Event 2019

Just what they announced, nothing else. I will say before we get into this, I'm pretty excited about what is coming next year. Microsoft Surface Laptop 31.3mm key travel20% larger Precision TrackpadRemovable keyboard deck for servicingNew Sandstone finish aluminum chassisIntel 10th Gen Quad Core Processor2x faster than last model, 3x faster than MacBook Air15" Microsoft … Continue reading Microsoft Surface Event 2019

Apple Event 2019

Summarizing what they said on stage. No opinions from me. App StoreApple Arcade, 100 games, works on iPhone, iPad and MacOSAvailable September 19, 2019 in 150 Countries$4.99 per month, Family subscription1 month Free trial Apple TV+Available on November 1, 2019 and will add originals each month. Available in over 100 countries on launch.$4.99 per month, … Continue reading Apple Event 2019