Microsoft Surface Event 2019

Just what they announced, nothing else. I will say before we get into this, I’m pretty excited about what is coming next year.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3
1.3mm key travel
20% larger Precision Trackpad
Removable keyboard deck for servicing
New Sandstone finish aluminum chassis
Intel 10th Gen Quad Core Processor
2x faster than last model, 3x faster than MacBook Air

15″ Microsoft Surface Laptop 3
Lightest and most performant 15″ laptop in its class
AMD RYZEN Surface Edition Processor
Fastest graphics performance of any laptop in its class
Fast Charging on all Surface Products – 80% battery in under an hour
Available October 22nd
Starting at $999 for 13″
Starting at $1199 for 15″

Surface Pro 7
USB C has been added
1.3mm key travel on type pad
Demonstration of the new Chromium Edge Browser and Word. How you can drag content from a web page and then share it to Word. This demonstrates the use of the Pen
Back to the Surface Pro 7
Studio Mic
More demonstration showing pen support in Excel
Starts at $749, available October 22nd.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds
Touch, gesture and voice enabled
Omnisonic sound
Directional dual mic array
Charging case
24 hour battery life
One-click pairing to your devices
Secure fit for all day comfort
Work on any platform
Works with 60 languages and can do translation as you speak in Office
Available this holiday season for $249

Microsoft Surface Pro X
5.3mm thin
1.68 pounds
13″ screen in a 12″ form factor
Thinnest bezels on any 2-in-1
13″ PixelSense Display
1400:1 contrast ratio
2880×1920 resolution
267 PPI
Custom Microsoft SQ1 Chipset
7-watts of power
3x more performant per watt than Surface Pro 6
Better battery life, lighter, thinner, faster
Integrated AI Engine
9 Teraops of computational power
Surface Slim Pen is stored in the type cover
GPU pushes 2 Teraflops

Creative Cloud Demo for Surface Pro X
Working on their products to allow them to work on portable devices, so creation can happen where you are.
Adobe Fresco is the first program from Adobe to work on Surface Pro X

Surface Pro X Start at $999 on November 5, 2019

The Future – Products that will be available next holiday season
Microsoft Surface NEO
655 grams
Gorilla Glass
360 degree Hinged dual-screen
Pen is attached by magnet and charges
Keyboard is also attached by magnets and wirelessly charges
Windows 10X is designed for dual screens
When keyboard flips onto screen it reveals a wonder bar
Can use the keyboard off device as well if you want to use both screens
Intel Lakefield Processor

Microsoft Surface Duo
360 degree hinge can be put into any posture
This is an Android device

The presentation is over, and although I try not to give my opinions in these recaps, in this case, I must. Microsoft is a new company. They showed two products that the world has never seen before. Two products that I believe are going to change the world. Two products I want to put my hands on and create with.

We look to other companies to innovate. Apple, Google, Amazon, Intel and AMD but we normally leave Microsoft off that list. What Panos showed us today is a new Microsoft, a Microsoft that understands where we are going, and a Microsoft that is going to help us get there.

I have been working with technology since 1978. I love it. I am passionate about it, but truth is I have been dead for a while. Same tech different year. A little better here, a little better there, but really who cares.

Today, as tears run down my cheeks, I feel again. I am passionate again, and I can’t wait for this future!

Thank you Microsoft!

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