Adobe Premiere WHEA Uncorrectable Error

If you are here, you are having this problem, and you are frustrated.

Reboot your machine and get into your BIOS. Typically Del key or F12.

Look for Intel Turbo Mode and Disable it. If that is already disabled and you are experiencing the error, then disable Intel SpeedStep.

I have had my home edit system running for a long time, and I started to notice that I crash often in Premiere. I figured it was because of the years of upgrades and changes to the system. I made the decision that I would start over. Burn the system to the ground, and install Windows 10 from scratch.

To my disbelief after my new and updated version of Windows 10 was installed and I made sure that my Intel drivers were updated with the Intel Driver & Support Assistant (Intel DSA), and my NVIDIA drivers were updated, I loaded Premiere.

I started to edit a project and within minutes I crashed. What? Maybe this a fluke, that has happened before on new installs. I’ll try again, and within minutes, crash. How can this be. New Windows 10. New Intel Drivers. New NVIDIA drivers. New Premiere Install.

Well, it can only be one thing. My hardware. I should mention that before I did all of the software updates, I pulled my water cooler from my system, cleaned it, and put new Thermal Paste on the CPU. I also replaced 4 fans because they were starting to make noise. In other words, my system should be running nice and cool, and it was.

I started to do research on the issue, and there are all sorts of sites dedicated to this WHEA error, but they have nothing to do with Premiere. I finally stumbled across an article that mentions turning off Intel Turbo Boost. I thought that it was B.S. but why not try it, I’ve tried everything else.

To my shock I launched the project I was working on and I was able to put in a solid 5 hour edit session with no errors. No crashes, not even a hiccup.

Obviously Adobe has some work to do, but in the meantime, save yourself the headache, and just turn this stuff off.

Get into your BIOS
Disable Intel Turbo Boost
Disable Intel SpeedStep
if necessary. I turned both of these off on my Razer Blade 15″ and that machine went from a pile of garbage to a usable edit system. With SpeedStep my fans run out of control as if Satan himself had possessed the machine. Once these settings are off the machine runs nice and quiet.

Happy Editing!

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