Adobe Premiere not seeing video from NDI record

Let me start with the fact that the issue I am about to describe does not appear to be a normal situation, but if it happens to you it can be really frustrating, and so I hope this helps. I work in IT, Broadcast, Editorial and Streaming and this is geared toward those type of people.

Let’s start at the beginning.

The project I am working on requires that I am able to take an SDI feed turn it into NDI and capture that recording so that I can hand it to editors quickly. The SDI will carry video and 8 channels of audio. In order to turn the SDI into NDI I am using NewTek Connect. This product will look at a video card, in my case the BlackMagic DeckLink Quad 2 and turn that into NDI. To record I am going to use Recorder. This product looks at NDI and allows you to record it in a format that Premiere can see.

My biggest concern was whether or not Livemind Recorder was going to actually capture 8 channels of audio. It does by the way. Livemind has not been responsive to me, so keep that in mind, however the product works as advertised.

The final step is to bring all this into Adobe Premiere and see how it all looks. I fired up my edit bay, dragged the file in and it created an audio file and gave me a message that the video was in a codec it couldn’t recognize. No sweat! I forgot to install NDI Tools from NewTek.

I went and grabbed the tools, installed the NDI tools, rebooted for good measure, and went to open the file. Same issue. That shouldn’t be!

I have a good friend in the business so I reached out to him, and he said exactly what I was thinking, “It should just work”. Yes it should!

I grabbed the file from my remote workstation and copied to my home system. I needed a second system to see if this file was good or not. Low and behold, it loaded with no issues at all. Video and Audio looks and sounds great. So what went wrong?

I did a bunch of digging, and trust me that this issue is not documented, and is why I am writing this. I started comparing folders from my home workstation to my remote workstation. It turns out that even though I am running the NewTek NDI Tools installer as an Administrator on my remote system it was not installing the plugins into the folder they need to be in.

In the folder path: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore you should see NewTek_Import_SpeedHQ.prm and NewTek_NDI_Transmit.prm. They were on my home machine, they were not on my remote machine.

I grabbed them and transferred them to the remote machine. Then I copied the files to the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore directory. I fired up Adobe Premiere and the file opened perfectly.

This was a very frustrating situation, and it took a few hours to figure out. I don’t know if the problem is with NewTek NDI Tools Installer or with Adobe or with Windows. In any case, you can solve the problem by doing what I outlined above.

The tools I am using: Livemind Recorder Costs $75 and runs on Windows. NewTek NDI Connect has a free version. However for 4 A/V Channels and multichannel audio you need to either spend $995 or $50 per month. I opted for $50 for the month since my project can be done in that time. Adobe Creative Cloud. Not involved in this article, but if you are in broadcast or streaming, you need to know about this product. It is a fantastic tool for streaming and small broadcast productions.

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