PSA 2022: Facebook Login Compromised

There are issues with using Social Media and trusting our content to these massive corporations. I’m not an alarmist that is going to say you should delete all your accounts, but there is always a chance when using Social Media that you will one day get locked out. This is one of those times.

Facebook has had over 1 million user records exposed and the crux of this is that if you are attacked your account will likely be locked out forever.

Long and short: Change your password today, and set up two factor authentication.

Here are all the details from Facebook themselves:
Protecting People From Malicious Account Compromise Apps

JCristina on YouTube is amazing, and unfortunately one of his family members are going through this nightmare. Watch his video to understand what could happen to you. Also he has a really good rant about this situation. Facebook is not the only one responsible for this issue. Apple and Google allowed apps in their stores that are causing these issues.

Hacked! If You Use Facebook Or Instagram Do This Immediately – JCristina YouTube

In summary, change your passwords, add two factor, and don’t trust the giants with your data.

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