ChrEdge – Microsoft Edge Browser running on Chromium – Now in Beta

I have written about Chromium based Edge browser before. I have been using the ChrEdge browser for months on all my systems. Even on the Canary Channel which updates every day, I have had almost no issues.

There was one day when I couldn’t get it to launch so I uninstalled and reinstalled and it worked again.

I had one day where ChrEdge would always stay open in front of all other apps. But the Dev team had it fixed the next day.

If you like Chrome, but you have a Microsoft Account you should really give this a try. I have stopped using Chrome on all my devices and by default open up ChrEdge.

Now Microsoft has a Beta program for those of you that don’t like the pain of early adopting. So give it a try. It feels like a fresh new browser which we haven’t had in a while.

Microsoft Edge Downloads

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