ChrEdge or Microsoft Edge

Microsoft alredy has Microsoft Edge, but now they are building a new Edge built on Chromium. For this reason, I will refer to this product as ChrEdge.

Microsoft is allowing us to look at their new Edge Browser that is built on Chromium. What this means is that we finally get the wonderfulness of Chrome with the additions that Microsoft will bring.

Right now there are early versions, but they work, and I think you should try it. I am loving this build, and I am happy to see a new take on Chrome.

Sites that didn’t work in Edge are working in ChrEdge, and it makes me very happy.

You can get involved in this early version and help Microsoft build a better product here. You can pick Dev or Canary builds. Dev is updated once a week. Canary is updated daily.

You can stay up on ChrEdge here.

More info at Microsoft Blogs.

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