Apple Special Event. March 25, 2019

Link to the event if you want to watch it:
Apple Special Event. March 25, 2019

Tim Cook on Stage:
Today is about world class services.
Apple Services: Easy to use, Attention to detail, Private and secure, Expert curation, Personalized, Family sharing

Apple News: #1 News App
Magazines are coming to Apple News
Apple News+ is the new service that will have magazines.
300 Magazines covering many topics
Demo: Shows off live covers on the magazine cover and how elegant the interface is. Can read full magazine issues on your phone.
News+ Tab contains “My Magazines” to help you find things you would like to read.
Browse Catalog shows off all the magazines.
Includes digital Premium Subscriptions like the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal
News app is private. Apple doesn’t allow advertisers to track you, and Apple doesn’t know what you are reading.
$9.99 per month including Family Sharing. Over $8k of subscriptions if you subscribed to all of this content.
Available Today! First month is free.
Launching in US and Canada in English and in French. Adding additional 30 magazines and Canada newspaper The Star.

Tim: Apple Pay. The vision was to remove the wallet. Apple Pay is on target to surpass 10 Billion Transactions. 70% of retail accepts Apple Pay. Will soon be available in more than 40 countries.
Apple Pay is coming to transit systems starting in Portland, then Chicago and New York.
Apple Card an Apple Credit Card: Simple applications, no fees, lower interest rates, clear rewards programs, private and secure.
Apple Card is designed for iPhone.
Sign up and in minutes you will have your card.
Use it worldwide where Apple Pay is accepted.
It lives inside the wallet app.
Help is easy by using messages.
Credit card statements are confusing. Apple is solving this by giving you a simple statement that is clear. They will also show you where you spent on Apple Maps, and will categorize your purchases. They are also including spending trends.
Rewards programs use points, and that system is unclear. Apple Card is going to give you cash back on every purchase, and apple calls this Daily Cash.
You can spend your Daily Cash to pay down balances, bills, friends, however you want to use your cash.
Apple will give you 3% on Apple Services.
Apple Card will show you payments options so you can realize what you will really pay, but paying more or less money.
No Late fees, Annual fees, to International fees, no Yearly fees.
Lower interest rates, no penalty for late payments.
Goldman Sachs is the issuer of the card. MasterCard is also a partner.
You get a per-device card number stored on device and each purchase is given a unique id. Every transaction is on-device not on Apple servers. Goldman Sachs will not sell your data.
Apple will also give you a physical credit card made out of titanium. Your name will be laser etched on it. No number is on the card.
Daily Cash: 3% on purchases directly from Apple, 2% when you use Apple Pay, and 1% with your physical card.
Available Summer 2019.

App Store:
Visited by 1/2 Billion of people each week. iOS has become the largest gaming platform in the world. They want to make it better.
1 Billion people have downloaded games on App Store.
300,000 games on App Store.
Apple Arcade is a game subscription service for mobile, computer, living room. The goal is to allow purchase apps to be easily discoverable. Apple is working closely with game developers.
Single Subscription will give you 100+ games.
Apple Arcade will have its own tab on the App Store App.
You can try and play any game you like. You can play offline, and play on one device and pickup play on another device. No ads.
Features: Easy to use, Attention to detail, Private and secure, Expert curation, Personalized, Family Sharing.
Games cannot collect or track any information about you without your consent.
100+ new and exclusive games, No ads or additional purchases, Play across your devices, Offline play.
Available this fall in 150+ Countries and regions.
No price was given.

Apple TV App: Your favorite shows in one place on all your screens.
All new Apple TV App
All of your movies are now available in the app.
Spectrum, DirectTV, optimum, hulu, PlayStation Vue and fubo are now supported.
Apple TV Channels: Only pay for what you want, all in one app, on demand and ad-free, online or off, best picture and sound, family sharing.
Available in May, on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad.
Apple TV App coming to MacOS in the Fall.
Apple TV App is coming to Smart TV. Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio
Roku and Amazon firetv
100+ Countries

Apple TV+
Shows and their creators that were on stage:
Amazing Stories
The Morning Show
Little America
Little Voice
Ad-free subscription service, exclusive Apple originals, Available in 100+ countries, Coming this fall.
Available online and offline.
No price given.

Oprah is on stage.
Two documentaries are in the works Toxic Labor and a yet unnamed doc.
She is also going to build a book club that will somehow be connected with video. Unclear on what this will be.

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