Sonos, Spotify, Please get along

Today I am at home. I’m doing stuff around the house after being on the road for a month. I want to play music in my Surface Headphones, and then I want to pick it up when I get in my home, and play it on my Sonos speakers. I’m using Spotify, and it just isn’t working.

After some hair pulling and reading instructions that are wrong, I finally got what I wanted. I simply want to play music from Spotify on my Sonos speakers.

If you are doing this for the first time, you need to install the Spotify service on Sonos. I already had that done. This allows the two services to talk to each other.

What I wasn’t getting was the ability to simply play what I am listening to on my Sonos speakers. So here is the solution.

Make sure you have Spotify in Sonos. If you don’t, in Sonos select More and Add Music Services. Select Spotify, and follow the instructions. You need to link Spotify to Sonos.

Now, the trick:
Select Settings in the Sonos App.
Select Advanced Settings
Click on the slider next to Control From Other Devices to enable it

This is the key. When you go into Spotify, and select Devices Available it will open the Connect to a device page and you will see your Spotify Connect options in the list.

Finally, I can play music on my Sonos speakers from within Spotify.

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