Sony PlayStation Vue

In my last article, I wrote about how I made the transition from multiple remotes, to control devices, to the Amazon Fire Cube. A device I am still loving. To continue the story I dropped Spectrum Cable and move to Sony PlayStation Vue. Spectrum still provides my fantastic internet.

Once again, I need to give Dave credit because I had a chance to see this service in action at his home. I’ll make it very simple to understand. PlayStation Vue is a full TV service that is available through the internet.

I won’t tell you that it is going to save you any money, because it may or may not, depending on what package you go with. Packages start at $49.95 and go to $79.95. For an additional $10 you can add the sports package that will give you NFL RedZone and a bunch of other sports channels.

I’m paying $89.95 but I am saving about $30 per month over my existing cable bill because I am not paying for equipment and associated taxes. I really didn’t do this for the money savings, I did it because I wanted everything to run through my Fire Cube, and it does that for me.

I can simply instruct my Amazon Fire Cube to open PlayStation Vue and it does. You can ask for sports, and channels, but I normally just go to the remote at that point. The Amazon remote makes it easy to operate within PlayStation Vue and my wife, who was a little frustrated with this upgrade, has adapted very quickly to the new interface.

The addition of PlayStation Vue to my Amazon Fire Cube setup has allowed me to get down to one remote. One remote for everything, and it is awesome. I speak or I click and I have control over all of my equipment. All the other remotes have been put away because everything in the family room just works. It is awesome!

One quick note, about PlayStation Vue, is that their guide doesn’t have channels. That creates a little challenge when moving from Cable to this system. You think I want channel 32, but there is no channel 32. You need to know the network and that is how things are sorted. Pro Tip: Just mark all the channels you love as favorites, and they will all be at the top of your guide.

Another thing to note is that when you select NFL Football and have PlayStation Vue add it to your DVR, yeah, they include that, it will grab all football games from any channel. Very cool feature when you think you forgot to add a network.

I won’t say that this is for everyone, but I couldn’t be happier with PlayStation Vue and my Amazon Fire Cube setup. If you want to get to one remote for everything, then I recommend them both. Give them a go. The nice thing with PlayStation Vue is you can add and remove service as you go, so give it a try. They have a free trial, and the service is priced appropriately for what you get.

Happy watching!

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