Apple September Event 2018

Here are the announcements without any fluff. Apple Watch Series 4 New Display with curved edges and 30% larger. New sizes are 40 and 44mm New complications with more detail New customizable watch face with up to 8 complications Digital Crown includes haptic feedback Speaker is 50% louder Microphone moved for better sound Back has … Continue reading Apple September Event 2018

Time to hit unsubscribe

I have been going through many changes in my digital life lately. I uninstalled Facebook and Twitter from my phone. I still have Instagram on my daily carry device, but only because that is where friends and family post their images. I haven't deleted any accounts, but I have been tempted. The truth is, these … Continue reading Time to hit unsubscribe

Compute Devices should not have “Pro” in their name

This is one of those little things that bugs me. It shouldn't, but it does, and it is something that I have burned way too many calories on. Computers and Devices should not have Pro in their name! I would normally look the other way on this. Figure it is marketing for a company, so … Continue reading Compute Devices should not have “Pro” in their name

Apple…Why do you f**k up your OS?

My frustration today is measured by many things that Apple has done to screw up my day. We use Apple computers, because they work. They are simple. They are pretty. Right? When they don't work, they are the worst systems on the planet, because there is no good reason for the machines bad behavior outside … Continue reading Apple…Why do you f**k up your OS?