Google October 9, 2018 Event

Introducing Pixel 3, Pixel Slate & Google Home Hub

Google and Nest are getting together to create what they are calling a thoughtful home.

Google Home Hub was designed to fit into any room. There is no camera. The screen adjusts to ambient light, and turns off at night. Hub was designed to work with everyone in your home. Voice match allows it to work with anyone in the family.

YouTube  and YouTube Music have been optimized for Hub. 6 months of YouTube Premium is included with the purchase of Hub.

You can set filters to keep kids safe.

Home View allows you to see all of your devices in your smart home. It can be used with touch or voice. The Google Home App has the same controls as Home View so you can control your home from your phone.

Google Home Hub is deeply integrated with Nest products. Home View allows you to control 2 Million devices from over 1,000 vendors.

Home Hub works as a photo frame when it is not in use through Google Photos. They are introducing Live Albums so you can select the photos of people you want to see, and Live Albums will find all the photos of those people and add them, including new photos. You can share these albums with others.

Google Home Hub is $149.

Pixel Slate

Designed to be thin and light and comes in midnight blue. 293 ppi screen. Dual front-firing speakers. YouTubeTV comes with 3 months for free with purchase of the device. 8MP rear and front cameras. Front camera has Wide-angle lens for video conferencing.

All new chromeOS has been optimized for the tablet. Google Assistant is deeply integrated into chromeOS. Family link gives control over the device for family members.

Built-in virus protection
Automatic updates
Titan Security Chip to protect your data on device
Fingerprint sensor with the power button
Google Assistant

Pixel Slate Keyboard connects to the Slate with a snap. Everything great about the Pixel Book keyboard was put into the folio keyboard. The folio also acts as a protective cover.

Pixel Slate uses full Chrome browser, not the mobile version.

Pixel Slate starts at $599
Pixel Slate Keyboard $199
Pixelbook Pen $99

Google Pixel 3

Matte Finish on glass back
3 colors: Black, White, Not Pink
Flexible OLED
Larger screens than last year
Speakers 40% louder than last year
Ships with YouTube Music for 6 months
Pixel camera gets better
Pixel Core is built into the phone now
Top Shot automatically captures photos in HDR+ so you can make sure you get those special moments
Google zoom is using a multiple shot system to create more information for zoom
Night Sight allows for photos in dark without using a flash
Group Selfie Cam is a second camera on the front that allows you to zoom out to see more
Playground stickers are built in for front and back cameras
Google Lens is integrated in camera and on device, even without a data connection
Photo Booth mode with smile or funny face
Auto focus on motion
Adjust depth of field in photos
Unlimited storage at original quality with Google Photos
CallScreen will allow you to screen a call before you answer with text on screen
Flip to Shhh is enabled when you put the phone face down
Titan Security Chip allows safety of your data and phone

Pixel Stand wireless charger
Chargers fast and through cases
UI changes when it is docked
In the morning it will function like Google Hub and give you information you care about
Pixel 3 will also shows pictures like Home Hub

Pix 3 starts at $799
Pix Stand $79





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