Protect your online purchasing with

This story is not an ad. I am not paid by, and there is no incentive for me to write about them, except I think their service is a great idea, and it will keep your online shopping safe.

I hope that everyone is using a password manager like LastPass. I committed to LastPass one year ago. I have LastPass generate my passwords and control my online security. It is fantastic.

My credit cards are a different story. I make purchases, and I use the same card on every site. That’s stupid, but we all do it. We have to do it. There is PayPal and I love them as well, but not everyone accepts PayPal, so what do you do to control spending, and keep your information secure? to the rescue. creates virtual credit cards that link to your bank account. Think of it as a debit card to your account, but a different credit card for every site you visit.

Here is the benefit. I had to pay my MagicJack bill. Do I trust them? No, not really. Will they keep my credit card secure? No idea. So I set up a MagicJack Visa card. Yep, one virtual card just for them. I also put a spending limit on it, so it can’t exceed $50 a year. Total control. I can pause or delete this card at any time, and if somebody does hack MagicJack they are only going to get a virtual card number, not my actual credit card. also keeps track of what has been charged against the card, so you can actually use to handle some minor bookkeeping for you. What did you spend on MagicJack last year? Just look at and you will see what the company charged against your virtual card., LastPass for your credit card purchases online!

Oh, I forgot to mention it is FREE! Setup will only take you a minute, so I recommend getting started today. Take total control over your online spending! Protect your credit card spending like you protect your passwords, and stop using the same card for all purchases.

Go to to get started today! 


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