Facebook: Goodbye

It is time to delete Facebook. I have many reasons for this decision. Some would sound fanatical, some are just reasonable and related to recent news. The reality is that Facebook is not adding anything to my life, and the cost of my personal data for this service is no longer worth the value.

For me, it was finally time, and what frustrated me was how difficult I found this decision. What happens when I leave? Will I miss it? Why do I even feel these things? Facebook has a way of becoming part of our lives, like a virus we can’t shake. It gives us the feeling of community, but that is bullshit. Looking at a screen. Liking posts. This isn’t community, it is an individual activity that masquerades as community.

After much internal debate, I decided today was the day…

I started the day by downloading all my information, and deactivating my account. During the process it told me that messenger was still going to be active unless I deactivated it. UGH! That is not how I communicate, so I decided to go all-in. Blow it all up, delete Facebook!

The process is simple, and I recommend starting with deletefacebook.com.

Of course, they don’t want me to go, so I have 30 days to reconsider.



Goodbye Facebook!


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