eM Client

In my last post, I talked about cleaning up subscriptions coming into my email inbox, something I am still doing, and I mentioned that I was trying a new email client named “eM Client”.

eM Client has all the appeal of a very powerful email client, and while I like the way it looks, and I like the combined email boxes, when it came to handling my email I didn’t like it. For me, I want keyboard shortcuts that I can quickly deal with email, and I felt like it was a little laggy and just didn’t give me the quick controls I wanted.

What I loved about eM Client is that they are putting everything into one app. Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Email. I also learned that I think I want those things to be in different applications.

I was listening to Paul Thurrott on Windows Weekly and he mentioned this in a podcast. I thought he was wrong. He said that today people want everything separate. A separate email app, a separate calendar app, etc. I really thought I wanted everything together in one app because I really like Outlook on Android. eM Client brought it all together, and I decided that wasn’t for me. I have the same experience with Microsoft Outlook.

I think the difference is that on Android, I am looking at my information and not really creating it. On my computer I am creating information and that is where the separate applications make sense.

I want to be clear that there is nothing wrong with eM Client, but it just didn’t appeal to the way I want to work with email. That is why it is great that we have so many developers creating different and interesting applications. We are all different and we all want to work in our own way.

Anyway, I went back to Gmail in Chrome, and I am playing with the Windows Mail app again.

If I ever find email nirvana, I’ll let you know.


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